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LED Fixtures lower carbon emissions

How Do LED Fixtures Help Lower Carbon Emissions in Industrial Settings?

Three Things You Could Do Now to Start Impacting Your Facility’s CO2 Emissions

The EPA estimates that, since 1970, the US alone has seen a 90% increase in carbon emissions, with the Electricity/Heat Production and the Industrial segments being responsible for a combined 46% of those emissions. Meanwhile, parts of Europe have already begun enacting policies to decrease emissions, but the damage to our environment is still quickly reaching critical mass.

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Dialight LED High Bay, leading your company to a more sustainable future

4 Environmental Advantages of Industrial LED Lighting vs. HPS, Metal Halide & Fluorescent

  Sustainability is at the top of every company’s operational objectives. Not only is running leaner and greener better for the environment, but as governments look post-pandemic, we are expecting more regulation in support of energy-saving initiatives in the US and even more stringent regulations in Europe.It is no secret that high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide and fluorescent lighting consume more energy than LEDs, which contributes directly to increased pollution and environmental impact.
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